Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anti Tobacco Awareness

Tobacco is the leading most preventable cause of premature death and diseases and is accountable for up to 5,000,000 deaths each year. Yet it is a growing threat, with more people falling prey to its deadly lure.
Annai Trust launched a major campaign to stop smoking in the lead up of “World No Tobacco Day” on May 31st 2009. The campaign is sponsored by NSR Jewellers and inaugrated by Thudiyalur Inspector of Police Mr.Mohan.
The No Tobacco Campaign team visited shopping malls, offices, college clusters, villages and areas around Coimbatore & Nilgiri to talk about the ill effects of tobacco consumption. The campaign aims to reach out to all communities within Coimbatore & Nilgiri .Annai Trust also arranged a wide-range of program which includes talks, road shows, street plays, poster etc.
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